Company Profile

VideoPatrol is a Montreal-based company that specializes in remote and real-time video surveillance.

We offer a multitude of security services, in an "à la carte" principle, which allows us to propose solutions entirely adapted to the specific needs of our clientele, respecting the particularities of each site to be supervised.

The concept put forward is a "turnkey" solution, where the customer can enjoy the most professional security, without having to pay for the acquisition of specialized equipment (cameras, servers, etc. ...) or video management software. Indeed, thanks to our monthly monitoring plans, VideoPatrol organizes the deployment of technologies on your site and guarantees absolute security, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our team of engineers and security specialists will go out into the field, assess your security needs, while respecting the specifics of your facility, both indoor and outdoor. You pay according to the services needed and the particular security requirements of the site to be supervised.

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The VideoPatrol Advantage

With a team of trained professional operators who can monitor all areas of your site simultaneously, we believe that remote monitoring is the smart new way to secure any vulnerable site. At a fraction of the cost of using on-site security guards, our solutions are flexible, better suited, and so much more effective than using guards who can't be everywhere at once to ensure adequate security for your facility. Our use of intelligent, real-time video surveillance systems provides instant visual confirmation, putting an end to false alarms.

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