PTZ with automatic tracking

Autotracking technology

Autotracking is an in-camera software application, closely related to motion detection, that allows a PTZ camera to track a moving object if it moves out of frame. The application automatically detects, zooms in and tracks moving objects. This facilitates live monitoring by helping the operator discover and manage incidents efficiently. It also reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by zooming in on moving objects and removing information from parts of the scene where there is no activity.

Motion Detection

The automatic tracking system works in the same way as motion detection, in that the camera compares the current image taken with the previous image. If too many pixels are different, the camera records the motion.

In addition, the automatic tracking system determines which part of the image is moving and records it as an object. It will then move the camera to keep that object in the image as long as possible (comparing images to understand the direction of movement). This means that the camera can track potential intruders in a given area, gathering vital evidence where a normal PTZ camera would not.

Security Operative

Efficient Surveillance

Autotracking allows operators to detect and manage incidents efficiently. It does not lock onto a single moving object, but adapts the view to include multiple moving objects so you don't miss any incidents.

It also reduces bandwidth and storage requirements by zooming in on moving objects and ignoring information in parts of the scene without activity. If no motion is detected in a scene, the application provides a reduced overview. The application works in most indoor and outdoor installations under varying lighting conditions.

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