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Management & Analytics

From a brand new data center based in MONTREAL, we offer a video surveillance service (VSaaS) with recording in the cloud, eliminating the need for an on-site server. With no server or software to install, we can deploy a video surveillance system in no time. Thanks to the embedded analysis of our cameras, the system becomes an intelligent management and investigation tool.

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We offer an intelligent Edge-to-Cloud solution that stores video locally, in your cameras, on micro SD cards, transmitting only the metadata to the cloud, to minimize the transfer of large amounts of video over your network during high traffic hours.

Of course, when you need to view archived video, the requested camera pushes the video to you, via the cloud, instantly and on demand. As soon as your network is less solicited, the video recordings from your IP cameras are transmitted to the secure cloud infrastructure.

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Fibrenoire Option

Internet over
Dedicated Fibre

For even greater efficiency, choose our Fibrenoire option - offering direct transmission of video from your IP cameras to the secure cloud infrastructure in our Montreal data center. The video is transmitted over a dedicated fibre connection - which means it's exclusive to your business. You benefit from a constant, ultra-fast and guaranteed throughput for your security needs.

Enhanced cyber security
Reducing risks

With a traditional surveillance system using a DVR/NVR and VMS, clients typically need to connect to the Internet to gain remote video access. The end customer must then monitor for vulnerabilities in attack vectors such as operating systems, open ports and vendor software.

With no open inbound ports, multi-factor authentication, encrypted communications, single sign-on, and centralized user management, our cloud-managed platform makes it easy to access and use video intelligence while improving cybersecurity and reducing risk.


You can now leverage the simplicity and flexibility of the cloud, and the same intelligent, proactive, and AI security capabilities as on-premise solutions. Cloud360 by VideoPatrol unlocks simple, intelligent video security for organizations of all sizes.

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Encoding Technology

Perfect for cloud applications, Legend is a fully NDAA compliant camera line. It offers the latest technologies in a rugged construction with state-of-the-art storage capacity. Legend from Inaxsys offers H.265+ compression and easy installation.

LEGEND intelligent encoding technology delivers high-quality video with increased efficiency and also reduces the cost of storage space and transmission bandwidth by adopting an advanced automatic stream control algorithm.

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