Lone-Worker Monitoring

for isolated workers

The advanced algorithms of the video management software (VMS) that we use, allow us to detect in real time, any worker immobilized on the ground, displaying discomfort or having made a fall.

A "fallen worker" supervision is a useful solution for organizations with employees in work environments where falls are a risk. For employees with medical conditions and those at risk of injury, a "Man-Down" alarm links workers to their organization.

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If an incident occurs
our operators will be notified

Ground worker alarms are an especially important tool for lone workers who may not be able to alert someone if they fall and are unconscious, or are unable to make a phone call.

Falls remain the leading cause of workplace injuries in many industries across the country and around the world - accounting for nearly half of all non-fatal workplace injuries. Whether it's falling from a height or tripping over cables or other hazards, falls can cause serious injury to your employees and even be fatal.

For an instant

Knowing when a fall occurs and sending medical assistance immediately can mean the difference between a minor injury and a life-changing one. But what if your employees are working alone or out of sight? How can they raise the alarm if they are injured?

The intelligence of our VMS platform with "Man-Down" alarm provides an increasingly popular solution for many businesses in various industries that operate in such circumstances.

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