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Time-Lapse Videos
for construction sites

Our time-lapse video solution allows you to present your entire project from start to finish. The photos and videos created from our captures, will become powerful tools to document and present your projects in a unique way.

With strategically positioned high-definition cameras, we can provide you with time-lapse video for any project, whether it's a construction site, infrastructure installation or major renovation.

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Daily Video updates

Time-lapse videos are the ideal tools to document and track the progress of your project. Video can be recorded at any time, in any season, so you can view every detail of the progress and document every step of the way.

24/7 Remote access to the latest photos provides project managers, superintendents and other members of your staff with a valuable tool to help them stay on time and on budget and make the right decisions.

In addition, real-time photos and time-lapse videos are very attractive and are especially useful for marketing, social media and public relations.

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Live and Remote
On-site Progress

With the VideoPatrol solution, you can easily schedule as many custom time-lapses as you want for your project. The installed camera will take pictures according to your schedule and automatically create the time-lapse videos for you. Watch or download your footage anytime, even during the project. With VideoPatrol's unlimited cloud storage and free lifetime hosting, you'll always have a complete catalog of your jobsites and can easily view any recorded footage, no matter the project, current or past.

Every time one of our IP cameras takes a capture (HD or 4K photo), it is immediately saved on a secure server using embedded 5G cellular technology. A user with secure access can then view and download the most recent photos from the current project or access all photos taken since the beginning of the project.

Visualize the evolution
and track the progress

VideoPatrol offers a variety of tools to visualize the evolution of your project over time. Overlay two images (as pictured) to quickly see the changes in your job site. You can also view multiple images side by side.

You can also set your real-time image gallery to a daily, weekly or monthly interval. This will allow you to see a condensed timeline of your project.

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Once your project is complete, VideoPatrol will be able to compile all the shots taken since the beginning of the mandate, to provide you with a video presenting the entire project. Months or even years of construction can be condensed into a few minutes.

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