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Virtual Patrols
A LIVE presence

Our team of technical operators can view your site's cameras at regular intervals or even on demand, from our central surveillance station equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Virtual patrols are a cost-effective alternative to physical security guards because they are billed on a time-only basis. Virtual patrols are the smart and inexpensive way to ensure that your site's security is always optimal.

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The smart alternative
to a physical presence

Proactive virtual tours are a great alternative to a physical presence, a service where our operators log in remotely and view each camera from one to several times a night. During these visits, we look for any unwanted activity and, if we find any, we can get a description of the intruder and inform the authorities while providing a description. With the addition of one-way or two-way audio, we can communicate audibly from our central monitoring station to warn intruders to leave the premises immediately, before damage or vandalism occurs.

These are affordable services that replace a traditional night patrol service with LIVE protection and after-hours audio/video monitoring.

Strong surveillance for
High Security areas

VideoPatrol has the perfect solution for secure areas that require a high level of surveillance without the physical aspect.

Secure areas such as sterile medical labs, volatile storage areas, bank vaults, etc. all require more surveillance than a physical guard can provide. That's where VideoPatrol comes in. Our central surveillance operators can regularly patrol secure areas without setting foot in them.

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Putting an End to
False alarms

False alarms can quickly become costly, which is why we recommend that our clients perform these video audits. This service allows our operators to review live video surveillance so that we can visually know what is happening in real time when an alarm occurs, thereby reducing the number of false alarms or increasing the priority of response if local police need to respond. With many police jurisdictions now requiring verification prior to dispatch, there is good reason to work with a video surveillance company that excels in this area.

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