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    Better Video Surveillance
    Starts in the Cloud
    Starting at $49/month per camera
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    Video Monitoring Central
    Active Surveillance
    in Real Time
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    Time Lapse HD Video
    HD and 4K Quality
    Time-Lapse Video
    For Construction Sites
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    Hands free
    Video Analytics
    and Intelligence
    at your service
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    Parking &
    Fleet Solutions
    Management & Security
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    Hands free
    On-target detection
    Radar Technology
    Precision and efficiency
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    Drone Security
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    Hands free
    IP Cameras
    For Increased Security

à la carte

Our trained operators can monitor multiple areas of your site simultaneously at a fraction of the cost of using traditionnal on-site security guards. A real-time proactive video surveillance system provides instant visual confirmation, putting an end to false alarms.

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Video Surveillance

Our real-time video surveillance installations use state-of-the-art video verification options that are both efficient and accurate. Our monitoring station is capable of instantly receiving any detection of human activity or vehicles entering a monitored perimeter. Our intelligent cameras are able to link HD quality video footage to our central monitoring station where our professionally trained operators will assess the situation and take appropriate action. Authorities will only be dispatched in the event of a serious case, which has been validated by our technical staff. This video evidence can be sent to your mobile device as well as to the police for investigation.

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compared to on-site security guards

When you switch from traditional guard services to real-time remote video monitoring, your security operation costs will drop drastically, possibly by half. In fact, VideoPatrol's a la carte services offer so much more, at a fraction of the cost, than traditional guarded services.

Our packages are easily customizable to meet your site's needs, while providing you with optimal security that respects your budget. VideoPatrol guarantees a fast response time and 24/7 monitoring of your site.

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videopatrol Supervision logo

Smart Cameras
with Onboard Analytics

Our remote video monitoring solutions offer unparalleled benefits. VideoPatrol uses IP surveillance cameras with artificial intelligence (AI), which allows for advanced automatic analysis, resulting in fewer false alarms and human errors.

Our operators will be instantly alerted to any intrusion detection or behavioral anomaly on your sites, and will only have to validate the received alert and intervene quickly and adequately.

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