Long Range Cameras

Long Range Camera

For a wider Coverage

Long-range cameras allow you to view and record ultra-clear video, even from miles away. For monitoring a large parking lot, a shipyard, an airport, or even a huge construction site, a long-range camera is your best bet. They are very effective and can give you day and night recording capabilities. With the ability to reach long distances, they can zoom in to capture clear, detailed images, including license plates and faces.

These cameras are ideal for outdoor surveillance because they operate in extreme temperatures, from -55°C to 50°C, and offer excellent night vision capabilities. Sometimes there is a need to monitor distant objects, but it is impossible to mount a camera that close. VideoPatrol's long-range camera solutions provide additional coverage beyond that of standard cameras.

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Thermal Detection
and visual verification

A positioning camera that offers a powerful (and cost-effective) combination of thermal and visual video streams in a single PTZ camera for border surveillance and other applications with similar requirements. AXIS Q8752-LE has infrared illumination and an integrated optical IR filter on the visual video stream, so even in complete darkness or difficult mixed lighting conditions, there's nothing to stop it from capturing high-quality images.

You simply need a camera and an IP address to benefit from long-range thermal detection, visual identification and PTZ capabilities. In other words, you spend less and installation and operating costs are reduced. In addition, Axis Zipstream technology reduces storage and bandwidth requirements by up to 50% or more while ensuring that important details are captured in maximum image quality.

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Long Range Camera
Zooming In

Long range Monitoring options

VideoPatrol offers long range surveillance options that excel at outdoor surveillance and remote object monitoring with clarity. Our long-range cameras can capture clear, detailed images from up to 200 meters away, operate in extreme temperatures, and even offer high-quality night vision capabilities. Our long-range solutions offer many advantages, especially in situations where objects must be observed from a distance. They are ideally suited for large perimeter security and surveillance of large outdoor areas.

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