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VideoPatrol systems keep your property under constant surveillance and act quickly and efficiently, ensuring the safety of your business no matter what. VideoPatrol offers a system status reporting service, so you don't have to worry about whether your surveillance system is working properly. VideoPatrol uses a proactive system health check application that can analyze cameras, NVRs, hard drives, internet connection and other on-site equipment to improve performance.

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Able to detect problems as soon as they occur, our solution generates a real-time health check of your systems, allowing our technical team to maximize their uptime. It can detect problems related to power supply, loss of internet signal or simply physical and/or mechanical failure of any equipment. Surveillance incidents and video review requests are both recorded in a video management system for tracking and resolution. Technical anomalies and service issues are prioritized in our service system.

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Our remote video monitoring services offer undeniable benefits.

Choose VideoPatrol solutions for reliability, fast response times, system intelligence and powerful search capabilities.

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